Privacy policy

1. Register holder

Kliento Oy
Annankatu 27 A
00100 Helsinki

2. Contact information for register related matters

3. Register name

Kliento product and service customer register.

4. Purpose of handling personal data

Personal data is handled in order to manage, analyze registration information to contact registered: deliver the Service and improve the Site, the Service, features and content, to provide customer service; administer and enable using, enjoyment and navigation of the Site, the Service, and mobile Site; better understand customers needs and interests; fulfill registered users requests; and personalize experience. To send notifications through direct marketing, opinion and market surveys and for the planning and development of the register holder’s business activity through the Service if registered have given a consent for that in the Service.

5. The data content of the register

The register may include the following information:

  • contact details, such as names, address, telephone numbers, email addresses; registration details, such as user ID, personalized username, password and any other personal ID;
  • date of birth, gender, title or profession, mother tongue, your preferences and favorite products, feedback, clothes sizes, allergies and among many others
  • data relating to the customer relationship, such as billing and payment information, product and delivery information, customer feedback and customer contact, prize draw and competition response information as well as cancellation information;
  • usage and activity information relating to services, communications or other content and elements pertaining to customership;
  • profile and interests information provided by the registered user; For example, we use may use Facebook to provide additional functionalities — such as the ability to share some of your activities in Kliento to your friends in Facebook.
  • direct marketing permitted and declined;
  • cookies and other equivalent files, including information related to them, sent to the registered user’s browser;
  • technical information sent by the registered user’s browser to the register holder’s server (such as the IP address, browser, browser version);
  • any other information collected with the permission of the registered user.

6. Standard data sources

Data relating to the registered user is obtained in a proscribed manner:

  • from the registered user as they register to use the service or as they use the service by phone, on the internet, via email, or through some other equivalent method through customer interfaces;
  • through cookies or some other equivalent method.

Kliento only collects this personal information if a Visitor chooses to register to become a User. Users explicitly choose what other Personal Information they wish to store and manage in the Service. In addition, when user is using Kliento Card to identify him/herself in the premises of the Approved 3rd Parties (the “Premises”), data about user visits will be collected and made visible to user and the Approved 3rd Party.

7. Standard data submission

Personal data can be passed onto the card issuers for the cards that the registered user has taken into use. Personal data can also be passed onto, amongst others, partners carefully chosen by the register holder for marketing purposes that support the intended usage of the register, in line with the restrictions and allowances of the prevailing jurisdiction.

The register holder may transfer data contained within the register to its own direct marketing registers after the ending of the customership.

Personal data is shared only with a limited number of selected service providers who perform work on our behalf. These service providers are permitted to use the data only for those specific tasks and purposes that we have defined.

8. Principles of register protection

The register is maintained as a technical record. The information system is protected with encryptions and other technical methods and the register is only used by people designated as users as part of their job specification.

9. Right to inspection, correction and denial of use

You can review your profile anytime you have logged into the Service. You can find the information about activities with third parties in the Service section called “Activity”. If you want to know, whether you have been included in the newsletter or SMS message campaigns, you can request the information from address. If there are errors in your information, you can correct those yourself or you can send a request for correction to the register contact mentioned in section 2 above.

The register holder may charge a reasonable fee for the cost incurred in the handing out of data, in the event that the registered user uses their right to inspection more than once per year.

The registered user has the right to correct or delete any data (such as direct advertising, distance selling and direct marketing as well as for market and opinion surveys) from User Profile directly at any time (except user own email address and password which modification or deletion need to be requested separately from Kliento) and thus stop enabling Approved 3rd Parties to see such data. User can also decide to cancel his/her Kliento account by sending an email to