Pihka - Our Kliento Benefits


Be in love with Pihka, every day

What exactly is meant by a staff canteen? Must it be a rushed experience with mediocre fare? No, it does not. Restaurant Pihka will update the experience with the winning touch of Restaurant Juuri.

What does it sound like to have the prize-winning and internationally acclaimed Restaurant Juuri design and execute a staff canteen? Too good to be true? But it is true! The stylish and restaurant-like Pihka has modernized the concept of the canteen without the customers having to spend any more cash or time. The quality is at best both straightforward and delicious!

Pihka elevates the casual lunch into something delicious. The core of Pihla’s idea is Restaurant Juuri’s internationally acclaimed insight: food made from Finnish ingredients can taste sublime. Everyday Pihka offers a choice of a warm meat, fish or vegeterian dish and also soup and an uncommonly comprehensive Green Table which enables light and tasty dining. Juuri Bakery’s bread, fresh from the oven, crowns the taste experience. Dining at work has never been as prudent, healthy and, most important, tasty as now.

A small dessert prepared in our kitchen or fresh fruit finishes the experience. Perhaps you would like to end lunch with a cup of Helsinki Roastery’s coffee? Why not, it’s included in the price! You are most welcome!

Open hours:
Mon-Fri: 8-16
Breakfast: 8-9.30
Lunch: 11.14