How Kliento works?

There are plenty of things to find in this city for every one of us. There are new and interesting places popping up and many of us already have our own favourites. Kliento gives you a single loyalty card to use with several nice local merchants. With Kliento you can find small perks and valuable benefits - every one of them tailored to the merchant offering them. At the same time you're supporting local companies. Embark on a journey that rewards everyone!

You can use your own travel card or get yourself a free Kliento card from any of the Kliento merchants!


Scan your travel card or Kliento card at your favorite cafe, shop, restaurant or service company.


Staff will recognize you and the rewards you have earned.


Give feedback and tell about your preferences through the Kliento service.


The more you use the service, the more rewarding relationships you will experience!

Register your card

By registering your card you will not lose any of your data or earned rewards. service can be easily used on all devices.

Discover new special local companies

From you will always find all the newest companies on a map near you. New companies join the service all the time.