Changing cards

 Start using your travel card as your Kliento card

If you already have a Kliento card you have used to collect points or stamps and you'd like to switch to using your travel card as your loyalty card, you can do it easily on these pages:

1. Your current Kliento card needs to be registered so your history is saved in your name in the Kliento service. If you haven't registered your card do it now here. Have your travel card scanned at any Kliento merchant. You will recive another code which is not used for registering but for switching the cards on the Kliento account you have already created.

(If you make purchases at the same time, also show your old Kliento card so this latest visit is also added to your account. The travel card only gets the code for now.)

2. Sign in to with the account your created and go to your profile page. Fill in the code you received when scanning your travel card into the box marked 'card change' and click 'Change Card'. Now your travel card is connected to your Kliento account and all your earned benefits can be used with it.